Ultimate Wire Cutters, 8 inch, Compound Action

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Ultimate Wire Cutters, Spring Loaded, Compound Action

We've designed the ultimate set of wire cutters that will become the most frequently used tool in your Christmas light installing arsenal. Compound action combined with carbon steel cutters comfortably cuts no only through copper wire, but also 1/8 inch steel aircraft cable when rigging is required in your displays. In addition, they are nickel plated for improved protection against rust. Handles are bright so that you don't loose them on the property (how many times do you ask yourself where your cutters are?!) and use a soft rubber on the outside for improved grip. The inside handle is made of a more firm plastic with flat edges for clamping the sliders closed on stubborn plugs. Finally, we've included a spring to make them easy to use and further speed up installation times. Simply put, you won't find a better set of cutters for installing your Christmas lights.


  • Compound action
  • Carbon steel
  • Nickel coated for improved rust protection
  • Bright handles so you don't loose them
  • Flat, hard plastic inside grip to clamp plug sliders
  • Spring loaded for ease of use and increased installation speed



Lime Green/Black
Size: 8 inches


Material: Nickel Coated Carbon Steel


  • Sold individually
  • No display box

Additional Items Required but Not Included

Multi Clips are to be used with C7/E12 or C9/E17 base wire. Choices of 25' strings or 500' bulk spools in a variety of colours (green, brown, black, white).

We offer a range of bulbs to be used with your C7 or C9 base wire. You can choose from C9 (pictured), G30, G20, or C7. Using multi clips with these lights makes for clean lines and a professional look.

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