Twinkly Pro Wifi Controller

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Twinkly Pro 400 series Wi-Fi Controller

The 400 series Wi-Fi controller can connect and program up to 2 light strings with Wi-Fi connectivity. Each controller can manage up to 500 RGB or AWW LEDs and up to 400 RGB+W LEDs with the use of Twinkly PRO Port Splitter that connects two separate lines.  

After installing the lights, you can quickly setup your device to join a nearby Wi-Fi network. If Wi-Fi is not available, it is possible to use a portable Wi-Fi router connected to smart phone or tablet device. The true power of Twinkly technology lies beyond its innovative Computer Vision feature: the app is able to detect the exact position of every single LED through your smartphone camera. After you are done decorating, simply snap a photo in the app to map your environment and create breathtaking effects with perfection and ease. Choose from a huge gallery of super cool effects like never seen before. Each effect can be completely customized, with the ability to change the speed, colours, and other key parameters of each animation. You can easily create your own effects too by choosing the colours you like and drawing any design with your finger!

The controller also allows you to create synchronized "groups" of lights up to 5,000 RGB or AWW LEDs, or 2,500 RGB+W LEDs.

Currently, the Twinkly PRO app is only available for iOS devices.



No. of Ports:
Connectivity: Wi-Fi + Bluetooth for instant setup
Port Cable Length: 12 inches
Tail length: 40 inches
Wire colour: Black

Unit Package size: 1


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Rating: Approved for use in North America
IP Rating: 65
Warranty: 2 year


Plug Type: Coaxial


Max Watts: 48
Voltage: 120-240 VAC
Amps: TBA


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Additional Items Required and Not Included

One controller required per 400 RGBW LEDs

Sold out

To connect 2 x 200L strings to one controller

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16ft Extension Cord allows separation between lights and controller

Sold out
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