Twinkly Pro Single Line String, 250 light, AWW

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250L Capsule Pixels Single Line String, AWG22, 4" spacing, AWW

Twinkly PRO is the technological evolution of the traditional Christmas light and a true innovation for the lighting industry overall. Twinkly’s new generation of LED string lights are controllable via a smartphone. With its integrated Wi-Fi, users can display an infinite number of effects that are completely customizable; no tools or programming experience required. They are by far the easiest and most versatile colour-controllable lights on the market.

The AWW or Amber Warm White lights emit the most beautiful natural-looking white combinations. These lights come in a single line string of 250 LEDs at 4" spacing, and a water-tight coaxial plug on the end. Please note that these are NOT end-to-end connectable. One Wi-Fi Controller is required to operate, however the controller can synchronize up to 500 AWW LEDs, so that you can attach 2 x 250-light AWW strings (with the controller connected in the centre) by using the Twinkly Pro Splitter. Controller and splitter is sold separately. 

Currently, the Twinkly PRO app is only available for iOS devices.


  • Commercial-grade LED strings
  • 250 addressable, controllable AWW LEDs (Amber Warm White)
  • Water-tight coaxial plugs
  • 82-foot lighted length with additional 16 foot lead length
  • 4-inch spacing between LED's
  • Wire colour options: Green
  • Can attach one string per Wi-Fi Controller
  • NOT end-to-end connectable
  • Controller not included
  • Splitter not included



Bulb type:
Addressable LED
LED Type: F5 Capsule + Shrink Tube
Light Count: 250
Lighted Length: 82 feet
Spacing: 4 inches
Tail length: 16 inches
Wire colour: Green
Light colour: AWW (Amber Warm White)

Unit Package size: 1


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Rating: Approved for use in North America
Average Hours: 30,000
IP Rating: 65
Warranty: 2 year


Wire guage:
22 AWG
Material: 1-piece / non-replaceable acrylic bulb / UV protected PVC cable
Plug Type: Coaxial


  • Individual strings are bundled / No display box

Additional Items Required and Not Included

One controller required per 400 RGBW LEDs

Sold out

16ft Extension Cord allows separation between lights and controller

Sold out
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