Twinkly Pro Dual Line String, 250 light, RGBW

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250L Capsule Pixels Dual Line String, AWG22, 4" spacing, RGBW

Twinkly PRO is the technological evolution of the traditional Christmas light and a true innovation for the lighting industry overall. Twinkly’s new generation of LED string lights are controllable via a smartphone. With its integrated Wi-Fi, users can display an infinite number of effects that are completely customizable; no tools or programming experience required. They are by far the easiest and most versatile colour-controllable lights on the market.

The RGBW (Red, Green, Blue, Warm White) lights emit any colour imaginable including a beautiful, natural-looking warm white. These lights come in a dual line string with two runs of 125 lights joined in the middle for a total of 250 LEDs at 4" spacing, and a water-tight coaxial plug on the end. One Wi-Fi Controller is required to operate. Please note that these are NOT end-to-end connectable, and the Wi-Fi Controller is limited to controlling 400 RGBW lights, meaning that you cannot combine 2 x 250L RGBW strings with a single controller. Controller is sold separately.

Currently, the Twinkly PRO app is only available for iOS devices.


  • Commercial-grade LED strings
  • 250 addressable, controllable RGBW LEDs (any colour including Warm White)
  • Water-tight coaxial plugs
  • 2 x 41-foot lighted lengths (connected in centre) with additional 16 foot lead length
  • 4-inch spacing between LED's
  • Wire colour options: Green
  • Can attach one string per Wi-Fi Controller
  • NOT end-to-end connectable
  • Controller not included
  • Splitter not included



Bulb type:
Addressable LED
LED Type: F5 Capsule + Shrink Tube
Light Count: 250
Lighted Length: 82 feet
Spacing: 4 inches
Tail length: 16 inches
Wire colour: Green
Light colour: RGBW (16 million+ colours)

Unit Package size: 1


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Rating: Approved for use in North America
Average Hours: 30,000
IP Rating: 65
Warranty: 2 year


Wire guage:
22 AWG
Material: 1-piece / non-replaceable acrylic bulb / UV protected PVC cable
Plug Type: Coaxial


  • Individual strings are bundled / No display box

Additional Items Required and Not Included

One controller required per 400 RGBW LEDs

Sold out

16ft Extension Cord allows separation between lights and controller

Sold out
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