Super Bright Globe Lights (G30)

• Perfect for rooflines, large trees, and patio lighting

• Exclusive Refraction Cone for 270 degree light dispersion 

• Durable lens with UV stabilizers resists breakage and fading

• Use 92% less energy and last 15 times longer than incandescents


• CSA and UL Approved

Super-Bright Globe Lights (G30)

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Ready to take your lighting display to new heights? Want to step away from the traditional and enter the new era of modern Christmas chic? Big Stars’ G30 LED retrofit bulb can give you just that, and more! Create smooth, straight roofline displays, wrap your favourite front yard Christmas tree, or bring new light to your backyard patio, the G30 bulb does it all! The refractive cone inside the bulb allows for 270 degree light dispersion, so the lights are bright! No matter which angle you are looking from. And with so many colours to choose from, the G30 bulb isn’t just limited to the christmas season. Use a classic warm white bulb to light up your commercial storefront, or use red and yellow to add ambiance to an alleyway for a festival feel. Big Star’s high-quality G30 bulbs will not disappoint!