SKU: 5MM-50L-25-6-G-WW

Mini-Lights (5mm), 50 LED, green wire, WARM-WHITE

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Product #: 5MM-50L-25-6-G-WW

Short Description: 5mm Wide Angle String-Commercial Grade, 50 LEDs, 25’ String, 6” Spacing, Green wire, WARM-WHITE

  • Provides an incandescent-like sparkle effect. Each lens is a 5mm inverted cone shape, providing 180 deg light dispersion. Great for decorating trees and other shrubbery, particularly where viewed from relatively close. 
  • 6" spacing improves dispersement of lights in trees or shrubs without giving an unattractive –line-effect" that 4" spacing sometimes produces.
  • 50 LEDs per string / 6" socket spacing
  • 25' total length, 24' lighted length
  • Sealed, 1 piece, injection molded lamp sockets / 100% waterproof
  • Coaxial power connection system prevents strings from pulling apart, increases installation speed, and uses O-rings to seal water out.
  • UL / CSA approved / Indoor-Outdoor
  • Full Wave Rectifier (FWR) / Flicker-Free
  • End to end capable
  • Power adapter with 120V AC power cord and coaxial connector required with each run of lights (sold separately)

Electrical Specifications:

  • 120 volt w/Rectifier (flicker free)
  • 10,000 + hour lifespan
  • White/blue/green/purple: 4.8 watts
  • Red/yellow/multi:  2.4 watts
  • Connect up to 160 light strings to a single power source with just one power adapter (80 light strings for white, blue, green, purple, teal)

Physical Specifications:

  • 3" lead in / 6" socket spacing / 3" lead out (3x6x3)
  • 25' total length,24' lighted length 
  • The LEDs are soldered directly to the wire harness (This eliminates all connection related problems)
  • Sealed, 1 piece, injection molded lamp sockets (The lamps are 100% waterproof - No more corrosion problems - No more loose bulbs)
  • The LEDs are not removable or replaceable (It is extremely rare for an LED to burn out, so making them replaceable causes more problems than it solves)
  • Sockets do not have branch clips
  • End to end capable
  • LED Strings cannot be modified (spliced, cut, shortened, lengthened, etc.)

Packaging Information:

  • Individual strings are bundled and poly bagged / No display box
  • 12 strings per carton
  • 0.58 kg per string

Pricing Information:

  • Price is per string
  • 1 year warranty
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