Commercial Grade Mini-Lights (5mm)

• Great for decorating trees and shrubs 


• Watertight coaxial connections  


• Long-lasting, stable LEDs made with Japanese components and polypropylene from USA   


• CSA approved 


• Flicker-free LED 

Commercial Grade Mini-Lights (5MM)

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One of our most popular products, the 5mm mini-lights are a versatile string light that is easy-to-use and rated for both indoor and outdoor applications. From warm white styles to multi-color bulbs and everything in between, the 5mm string light can be used in a variety of applications. The 5mm wide conical lens makes these LED bulbs shine bright in every direction. Whether you’re planning on lighting your outdoor trees and shrubs, or providing a certain ambiance to an indoor event, Big Star’s 5mm string lights are sure to get a reaction, no matter the application.