Aluminum Folding Sphere, 26", White

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Aluminum Folding Sphere Ornament, 26 inch, WHITE

These foldable alumninum spheres are some of the newest decorations to hit the market. Designed to be adorned with lights, you can decorate trees and other spaces with them without having the same storage issues as with traditional ornaments. Lighted spheres give an elegant yet captivating look that is relatively new in decorative lighting.

They provide a terrific and economical way to light trees, and can be used on their own or in conjunction with other lights and decorations. By simply hanging some ornaments, the tree will look wonderfully dressed. First assemble by putting a nut and washer onto the eyebolt.

Slide the locking plate through the eyebolt and place on top of the properly oriented curved bars. Take the second bolt and washer and tighten to other end of the eyebolt.

These ornaments are available in 12", 20", and 26" diameters. Bronze painted version also available. Lights sold separately.


  • Easy-to-assemble design
  • Sphere folds flat for storage, even with lights on
  • 26" diameter
  • Three strings of 5mm lights required for decoration
  • Eyebolt included



Diameter: 26 inches
Colour: White
Unit Package size: 1


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Warranty: 2 year


Material: Aluminum


  • Sold individually
  • Shipped in flat box
  • Lights sold separately

Additional Items Suggested and Not Included

One adapter required per run of lights (ie - per tree)

Sold out

One adapter required per run of lights (ie - per tree)

Sold out
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