Adhesive Clip, CLEAR (100-Pack)

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Adhesive clips with option for screw mount, 100-pack, CLEAR

For the trickiest installations, Big Star Lights invented the ultimate adhesive clip. Made of durable transparent polycarbonate, it is discrete and suitable for year-round use. These clips are designed to hold SPT-2 wire, but can also support other decor including garland and minilights. Sockets on the SPT-2 wire can sit in one of two orientations. If perpendicular orientation is not required, the top tabs can be clipped off, making it even more discrete.

The adhesive is made from 3M VHB tape, guaranteeing a strong bond with painted metals, plastic, smooth finished wood, and glass, and the soft conformable foam molds to irregularly shaped surfaces. The tape's temperature range is –40°C to 95°C (-40°F to 200°F) and it resists moisture, UV, solvents and plasticizers. Always test a small surface before committing to a project. Adhesive can only be applied once for maximum strength. Optional stainless steel screws are sold separately that can be used instead of the adhesive for affixing the clips to wood surfaces (the adhesive can be left on the clip with the backing left in place).

These clips are not designed for seasonal use, and should not be used on painted surfaces.


  • Uses 3M VHB tape that bonds well to painted metals, smooth finished wood, plastic, and glass
  • Temperature range –40°C to 95°C (-40°F to 200°F)
  • Resists moisture, UV, solvents and plasticizers
  • Tape colour is grey
  • Clips on to SPT-2 wire with the option of two orientations
  • Fits C9 and C7 sockets perfectly
  • Clear and discrete
  • Suitable for year-round use
  • Tape cannot be reapplied for multiple uses
  • Can be used for hanging other kinds of decor such as garland and mini-lights
  • Optional stainless steel screws sold separately for wood surfaces


  • Sold in bags of 100
  • No display box

Additional Items Required but Not Included

Multi Clips are to be used with C7/E12 or C9/E17 base wire. Choices of 25' strings or 500' bulk spools in a variety of colours (green, brown, black, white).

We offer a range of bulbs to be used with your C7 or C9 base wire. You can choose from C9 (pictured), G30, G20, or C7. Using multi clips with these lights makes for clean lines and a professional look.

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