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Mini-Lights (5mm), 20 LED, black wire, PURE-WHITE TWINKLE

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5mm string, commercial grade, 20 LEDs, 7' string, 4" spacing, black wire, PURE WHITE TWINKLE

Mini lights are most commonly used with our Curtain Lighting Power Chain in order to create a curtain effect. Adding PURE-WHITE TWINKLE will give your display that extra WOW factor. Whether the curtain is a main feature or a special addition, the twinkling lights will have it shimmering. The bulbs provided an incandescent-like sparkle effect and the inverted cone shaped lens provides 180 degree light dispersion. Water tight coaxial seals on the plugs keep the water out, ensuring the longevity of the product.

Pricing is per string. Coaxial adaptor required (1 per run, see bottom of page).


  • 20% of lights (4 bulbs) randomly flash 1 second on and 1 second off for a gentle twinkling effect
  • Provides an incandescent-like sparkle effect. Each lens is a 5mm inverted cone shape, providing 180 deg light dispersion.
  • 4" spacing
  • 20 LEDs per string / 4" socket spacing
  • 7' string is perfect for curtain lighting and customizing unique designs (use in combination with Curtain Lighting Power Chain)
  • Sealed 1-piece injection molded lamp sockets / (The lamps are 100% waterproof - No more corrosion problems - No more loose bulbs)
  • Coaxial power connection system prevents strings from pulling apart, increases installation speed, and uses O-rings to seal water out.
  • Indoor/Outdoor
  • Full Wave Rectifier (FWR) / Flicker-Free
  • End-to-end capable
  • Power adapter with 120V AC power cord and coaxial connector required for Curtain Lighting Power Chain (sold separately)
  • LED Strings cannot be modified (spliced, cut, shortened, lengthened, etc.)



LED bulb size:
Bulb Type: LED wide angle
Light Count: 20
Length: 7 feet
Spacing: 4 inches
Tail length: 4 inches
Wire colour: Black
Light colour: Pure White
Light Display: Steady and Flashing
Unit Package size: 1


Usage: Indoor/Outdoor
Rating: CSA approved
Average Hours: 50,000
IP Rating: 54
Warranty: 1 year


Wire guage:
20 AWG
Material: 1-piece / non-replaceable acrylic bulb / PVC lamp holder
Plug Type: Coaxial, end-to-end


Watts: 4.8
Voltage: 120
Amps: 0.04
Max sets connected: 45


  • Individual strings are bundled / No display box
  • Up to 12 strings per carton

Additional Items Required and Not Included

One adapter required per run of lights (ie - per tree)

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Additional Items Suggested and Not Included

One adapter required per run of lights (ie - per tree)

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