SKU: E26-50-24-W

50' festival light stringer, 24" spacing, WHITE

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Product #: E26-50-24-W

Short Description: 330' stringer and suspensor connectors, SPT-2, 16AWG, 24" socket spacing, without plugs, white


 NEW! Festival lights are a terriå¥ÂåÌ´åÌ´Ì_Ì´å’Ç΁c way add a festive ambiance over streets, patios, dance å¥Ââoors, or inside wedding tents. The stringer is heavy-duty, sunlight-resistant SPT-2 wire.  These large bulbs are almost the size of a regular incandescent light bulb, however, they use 10 LED’s inside instead. The warm-white colour is the same colour as a candle light.

 Price is per 50' length.

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